Carvin     Hand Evaluation Techniques

Week One:
1. Quick Tricks
2. Loser Trick Count
3. Rule of 22
4. Safe Overcall Suits
5. Rule of 2-3-4 Safe Preempt Level
Week Three:
1. Adjusted Starting Point
2. Fit Hands
3. Adjustments for Length
4. Adjustments for Shortness
5. What Comes Next
Week Two:
1. Getting Started
2. Starting Points
    High Card Points, Length Points
    Flat Hand, Quality Suit,    
    Short Suit Subtractions
    Adjustments: Ace/Tens vs Queen/Jacks
3. Where Do We Go
Week Four:
1. Definition Review
    a. Fit Hands
    b. Declarer Point Calculation
    c. Dummy Point Calculation

2. Six Example Hands

Week Five:
1. Slam Bidding Assumptions
2. Requirements to pursue slam
3. Jacoby Two No Trump
Week Seven:
1. Lebensohl 2NT
2. The rule of nine

Week Six:
1. No Trump Opening Ranges
2. Two Club Openings
3. Competing against No Trump Openings
Week Eight:
1. Reverse bids
2. Jump shifts
3, Differences between the two
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